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How to support us

There are several ways you can support our work


As of June 2020 We are actively fundraising for our new film "Healing Inner Voices: HIV." All contributions will go to hiring Peers to lead Talking Circles alongside film screenings (virtual during Covid 19) as we launch first in festivals, and later as we roll-out our community tour. 

Hire us! 

We are available to do film production, workshops, large and small contracts, and a full range of creative services. By hiring us for your project you directly support the Drawing Wisdom 'big picture'.

To date we have produced several short films as Drawing Wisdom, the most recent being "Healing Inner Voices: HIV", and "Down Town Stories" (not yet released).

Become an ally or partner

This could mean being listed on our website as a supporter/ally, or you could actively support us in applying for funding to do the work we are doing.

Support for Drawing Wisdom to date:

We were very pleased to win the People's Choice Award of $5000 from the Operation Blue Sky Aboriginal Health Initiative which is what kickstarted the Drawing Wisdom initiative.

In 2019 We received and Impact Grant of $10,000 from the Inspirit Foundation to develop an impact campaign for "Healing Inner Voices: HIV".