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Story & Place At The Centre

"When projects go into communities it gives people a chance to shine. When we have our voices heard and our messages heard, we become leaders."
About Hello Cool World

Vision & Process

Drawing Wisdom creates and distributes films, campaigns, workshops & educational resources that celebrate Indigenous resilience.

Communities lead. We follow.

"Drawing Wisdom furthers a culturally relevant and safe approach to creative wellbeing projects. Putting cultural safety first, means witnessing, honouring and sharing the pride that comes from traditional ways of knowing."
—  Jada-Gabrielle Pape, Saanich & Snuneymuxw Nations, Hello Cool World 

Why Workshops?

Adapted from Hello Cool World’s award-winning models of health promotion via creative community engagement through filmmaking (Star in Your Own Stories – HIV STI awareness, and the LACE Campaign, cervical cancer screening) and combining expertise from Courage Consulting, our workshop process is to listen deeply, and then offer our tools to communities. Combining their experience with ours creates respectful outcomes that continue to live in the community.

This process is flexible, and sustainable.  Our workshops may be stand-alone or part of ongoing projects. We provide a video team, facilitators, and other expertise, and we travel to communities at their request. We honour community members as experts in their own lives while representing them as role models. The community makes decisions on their content, and what materials are used and made public from this process, and the tools they want to use to evaluate their projects.

When projects go into communities it gives people a chance to shine. When we have our voices heard and our messages heard, we become leaders."
—  Jada-Gabrielle Pape, Saanich & Snuneymuxw Nations, Hello Cool World

Creating vignettes on film and stories caught on video is a way for things to be seen and witnessed over and over — this is an old methodology used by indigenous people all over the world. When stories are powerful they can be used as teachers again and witnessed again. It’s why video and film work so well for this project. Drawing Wisdom acts as a catalyst for all our storytellers to come forward, and connects communities to each other.

Star in your own stories came to my community. It changed all of our lives."
— Duane Grant, Haisla Nation

We are developing our model to be applicable to many projects and have expanded our scope to include using social media and other tools to both disseminate media and measure impact. 

Using a documentary process offers so many possibilities for story telling as well as for decolonizing research and sharing knowledge."
—  Kat Dodds, Founder, Hello Cool World

At the end of each workshop communities not only have a story, they will have a plan. Our video and design team work with them to create and launch their story-based campaign, and our online tools will help them to share the project on social media, and to measure impact. Ours is a grassroots momentum-building creative approach. By supporting the process of sharing and discussing stories, removing isolation through the power of internet and social media, and providing a means for dialogue to inspire action, we believe health and wellness outcomes will improve in communities.


We offer a capacity building model and a platform to support many projects and partnerships. The collective wisdom that emerges will help communities implement wellness approaches which include the tools to measure and monitor their own indicators of well-being on their own terms.

Community consultation:

Identify: champions, process, wellness survey questions, wellness stories

Create culturally relevant tools:

Online story-sharing, survey, discussion platforms

Engaged Champions:

Encourage communities to explore the meaning of wellbeing

Social Sharing:

Champions encourage dialogue on & offline

Wellbeing Defined & Measured by Community’s own terms:

Community decides how to define attributes/indicators to measure

Creatively Share Process and Progress:

Measure progress & report process through mini-documentary used to inspire replication