Official Selection Vancouver Queer Film Festival! Aug 22, 2020

In HIV: Healing Inner Voices, eight Indigenous people confront stigma and reclaim community.
HIV: Healing Inner Voices

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The Vancouver Queer Film Festival runs from Aug 13-23rd and we’re thrilled that our film Healing Inner Voices  is part of it!  ... (more)

We're excited that HIV Healing Inner Voices will be featured in the film screenings as part of the Global Village at the AIDS 2020 Conference that kicks off Monday July 6! 

You can watch the film by registering for the Global Village (It's free!) Then select film screenings and click on Healing Inner Voices!

The film was also part of the Indigenous Preconference that has been happening over the weekend. Through the voices of 8 Indigenous people living with HIV, this poetic short documentary combines storytelling and the healing power of Indigenous culture to reflect on the realities of stigma and discrimination for Indigenous people. The film offers up hope and resilience for the journey from the head to the heart.  If you are moved by this film, please join us in getting this film to communities. Support us.... (more)

One Day left of  DOXA! June 18-26: Tickets | Feedback Form

See Healing Inner Voices at DOXA until June 18 - 26!!

Have you seen Healing Inner Voices? Joined our Talking Circle today? We'd love your feedback. And if you have not seen it, you have until midnight Friday. Click for Tix! Tickets | Feedback Form

Talking Circle on Thursday June 25 - Martin, Flo, Val, Aaron and Rylan, hosted by Darren Ho of... (more)